• UOE4289 helps people find jobs to get jobs.

    Helping HR people looking for talent

    Meet the needs of going to work

  • Easy to find jobs

    Just you fill out the information with us.

    Get started with your future career today.

    Perfect rewards

  • Change the style of modern job hunting

    A good helper, easy, convenient, answers to your needs

    Both work and income

WHY UOE4289 ?

Have you ever wondered? …. Why you have to apply for a job Or look at various job positions with UOE4289

Applying for a job or looking for people to work in different positions through our UOE4289 has many advantages that are important, easy, convenient, information exchanged between companies, people looking for people in different positions. Need specialized personnel Can be filtered from central data As for the employees who are looking for Or want to work in a specific position Bring results and meet the needs of the entire organization Companies and groups of people who are looking to work in that position

Apply for jobs with leading companies nationwide

Get started with your future career today.

Interesting job position / income

If you are looking for a good job position Interesting with UOE4289

มากกว่า 1,200 อัตรา

IT starts at 45,000 baht

มากกว่า 2,800 อัตรา

Accountants starting at 39,000 baht

ต้องการ 4,200 อัตรา

Logistics starts at 55,000 baht

ต้องการ 11,200 อัตรา

Construction starts at 25,000 baht

มากกว่า 6,700 อัตรา

Insurance work starting at 38,000 baht

มากกว่า 22,400 อัตรา

Marketing starts at 39,000 baht

ต้องการ 18,200 อัตรา

Production line starts at 55,000 baht

ต้องการ 7,480 อัตรา

Health starts at 25,000 baht

Choose the style of work according to you.

You can easily choose a working format according to your style. Whether you need a full-time job, passam or freelance, we are happy to help you get the job you want. Just send your resume along with the job position that comes to us.

Find a regular office

Looking for freelance work

A job position that matches your abilities.

And have the desired income

If you are looking for a job that you like and earn the desired salary
Your dreams will surely come true.
Because we can help you.

3 easy steps you can get a job from our recruitment system.

Simple 3 steps to your future career

1.Register through an online form.

Just fill out the online form. Register with us on the UOE4289 website in order for the team to receive information. The job title or the income you want

2.Staff UOE4289 called you for an interview.

When the staff received the information Your history Job description, income, salary you want The team will call you for an in-depth interview. To be able to provide detailed information to the company that wants people to work in that position to meet the target.

3.UOE sends information to companies / organizations

When you pass the interview And have already collected insights from our UOE4289 staff The staff will send the history information. To leading partners / organizations / companies and upon receiving the assessment The staff will inform you the details immediately.

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